For Barcelona area landscape designer Marc Grañén, the test of his concept was the reaction from his young children. When he told his kids, ages 6 and 9, about his lightweight green roof system for city buses, the boys began drawing pictures, telling their friends, and offering up wildly imaginative suggestions. “They go crazy when they talk about it,” Grañén said about his children’s response.

Grañén believes cities can use existing spaces–like the roofs of public buses–to create new pockets of greenery. A self-described “landscape artist,” based about an hour north of Barcelona, in Bescanó, Grañén first studied biology before turning to one of his passions, garden design. “My artistic point of view of life and my intense love of natural landscapes make the perfect combination for what has become my daily occupation. I am a landscape artist, says Grañén. “Nature is my inspiration and my family, my best teacher.”

When he met the lauded green wall and green roof innovator Alex Puig at a garden event in which they both participated, Grañén was drawn to Puig’s profound yet simple philosophy about greening urban areas in accordance with natural models. Puig’s commitment to biodiversity and multiculturalism resonated for Grañén, who recognized a kindred spirit.


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