Food For Thought

Cheese Burger and Fries= + 634 gallons of water to grow a hamburger + 7 gallons for the fries +…


Bristol Street Art

Bristol’s street art scene is extremely diverse and has many talented street artists at its forefront. This website aims to catalogue past and present work by collecting photographs and logging…Continue Reading →


VIA Art is a non-profit organization where art patrons join forces as partners in a new model of philanthropy to…



The City of Medellin offers a great variety of urban arts due to the city’s transformation over the last 20…


Millennium Art

Millennium ART specializes in designing creative initiatives that embrace the important roles of art, culture, education, environment, science, and technology in contemporary society. Millennium ART bridges the gaps between vision,…Continue Reading →

Pioneer Works

Pioneer Works is a center for research and experimentation in contemporary culture. Through a broad range of exhibitions, performances, arts…


Theodore Payne Foundation

Theodore Payne Foundation Mission Statement: Promote, preserve and restore California landscapes, and habitats To propagate and make available California native plants and wildflowers To educate and acquire knowledge about California flora…Continue Reading →