Attila’s Garden

Attila Kapitany is a recognised expert on succulents and he is passionate about them, having written many books on the subject in collaboration with Rudolf Schulz. He is the currently…Continue Reading →

Marina Bay

Located at the Southern tip of Singapore, Marina Bay is a 360ha development designed to seamlessly extend Singapore’s downtown district…


Urban Forest

Since the inception of the automobile, Los Angeles has been dramatically altered by the increasing amount of asphalt and concrete…


Taylor Yard State Park

For river activists, Taylor Yard has always represented the brass ring. The 200+ acre historic site just north of downtown presents the greatest opportunity to create a meaningful watershed-based project…Continue Reading →

Designing a Healthy LA

Historically, there exists a strong relationship between the design of our cities and public health. Designing a Healthy LA is…

0 Connects Civic Projects with Funding: a collaborative way to build the civic projects you care about. We believe that building better communities literally starts from the ground up and…Continue Reading →